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chairman address
       Shanxi Construction Group. , Ltd is a traditional construction enterprise with about 60-year history. Over the last several years, we strongly insist on our company spirit, which mainly contains unity and cooperation, efforts to forge ahead, the establishment of quality projects and commitment to our communities. In addition, we bend over backwards to perfect socialist modernization construction and our company has finished more than 100 high-quality projects, all of which has made great contributions to 
economic and social development. 
       During recent years, in order to adapt to the new social and economic tendency, we put forward our business policy: “Diversified operations and collective development.” We aim to continue to expand our business and become more active in participating in economic construction. In addition, we aim to make every wonderful projects stand the test of history and strengthen quality awareness. Furthermore, we aim to improve our brand image and improve company’s social profile. At last, we aim to fulfill our social responsibilities , do our utmost to repay people and make great progress in the process of becoming bigger, stronger and better. 
       We have tackled sixty years of trials and hardships and all the difficulties which blocked our development have been turned into powers that facilitate our construction. In the meantime, the members of our company start our long journey confidently. We shall inherit traditions of our company, insist on exploiting the unknown field, shoulder the social responsibilities which the history has required to us and go hand in hand with people with lofty ideals. We will make each and every effort to help to achieve the national prosperity and well-being to our people.